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In today’s connected economy, global reach is a requisite skill.

The Bigwin Group is headquartered in Toronto and Boston and we have a strong presence globally, with a network of strategic partner sites including 21 offices on 5 continents.

Our regional consultants have the local expertise, insights and access to inspire the very best local talent while still adhering to the rigor, tools and methodologies that distinguish the Bigwin Group and ensure superior results.

Whether you’re in Europe, Asia, North or South America, we’re there too.


From startups to Fortune 500 companies, our partners are just like you. We’ve held c-suite titles throughout our careers and we each have over 25 years of industry experience, meaning we’ve sat on your side of the desk and understand what keeps you awake at night. Operationally, our service feature is uniquely and consistently hands-on, not delegated.

That’s why we live and breathe your business – from aspirations to pain points – so we can find that one candidate who will advance your business and your success.

If that’s not enough – we’re supported by a network of remarkable people who make up our Advisory Council. Chosen based on their leadership, creativity, intelligence and EQ – these heavyweights keep us innovating, honest and tapping into best practices.




At the Bigwin Group, we know that great businesses are not built alone. That’s why we surround ourselves with today’s best and brightest, people who we trust to provide meaningful guidance on a topic of expertise.

The Bigwin Group Advisory Council is a tight community of trusted leaders in business, and confidants in life. Our informal group of leaders meet yearly to brainstorm leading trends and best practices, ultimately trading industry insights, and creating a feedback loop within the business community. The parameters are fluid but our purpose is clear: provide an independent, unbiased sounding board to our company-wide promise of “Building Better Teams.” Learn more about our advisors here.