Most firms are certified on one set of assessment tools. They use it, or force-fit it, for every client and assignment. But clients have different needs. That’s why we're certified on not one, but three, of the most effective sets of tools, and trained to interpret the results. Whether it's assessing temperament, leadership behaviour, or risk tolerance, we're ready.




The Bigwin Group makes use of the renowned Hogan Leadership analysis tools, particularly the Hogan Development Survey (HDS). While all personality assessments will give you a broad spectrum of traits, the HDS focuses on what they call “The Dark Side”. The HDS aims to highlight the qualities of a leader that come out in times of stress and turmoil, traits that can damage reputations and derail people’s and company’s success. These factors help companies recognize the potential performance risks in new hires before they become a risk.


In addition to a variety of proprietary tools, The Bigwin Group uses a Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (administered by Management Research Group) in order to assess leadership from every angle. From organizational needs and expectations to role specific requirements, individuals, teams, and entire organizations benefit from MRG’s Leadership Effectiveness Model.


The Bigwin Group also uses The McQuaig System as it offers a proven, easy-to-use, web-based talent assessment solution for pre-employment testing, job analysis, and leadership development. Talent assessment reports are clear, concise, and offer valuable insights into job and candidate characteristics, helping employers and hiring managers to make better decisions around acquiring and developing employees. The behavioural assessments aim to clearly define the success criteria of a job, select people most likely to succeed using pre-employment testing, and develop them in a way that ensures that they reach their maximum potential.