The Bigwin Group is a retained executive search firm based in Toronto with a global network of partners in 21 offices around the world. We take a boutique approach to our services to ensure we align with your specific needs, utilizing world-class diagnostic tools to increase the likelihood of long-term success, while avoiding the cost of a mis-hire. We also provide state of the art business coaching assessment and post hire services that enable us to ensure a strong cultural fit as well as an extended guarantee. Our service ensures Bigwin can help you “build better teams”.


Our experts have delivered impactful hiring solutions for decades to the world’s top organizations. Our services includes: C and VP level recruiting; role definition and job description creation; onboarding and retention strategies; inclusive hiring and diverse team building strategies; interim leadership; data driven objective hiring advice through the unique use of multiple assessment tools and more.


Talent Scouting is an initiative that Bigwin Group performs on your behalf that assembles and gives you a broad overview of potential talent for a given role. It provides an organization with a selection and broad range of best in class candidates. This helps leadership teams and their boards gain an insight into what is in the marketplace and what your talent options could be.​


The Bigwin Group is a team of accomplished, seasoned executives that have decades of experience leading organizations. This positions us as a partner that both formally and informally assists you in making decisions. Our commitment to our partners includes counseling on: Hiring strategy; succession evaluation; insight and innovation (especially during a time of crisis) and much more.


The Bigwin Group offers coaching services, a network of the industry’s best executive coaching professionals, and a variety of tools to support coaching exercises. We encourage our clients to leverage these development services to assist with new hire integration as well as team effectiveness. The available data is overwhelmingly in support of coaching for your long-term success.


Two-Year Warranty

We want each hire to be impactful and succeed in their role. To that end, we recommend our clients to utilize one of our independent certified business coaches during the first year of their (new hire’s) tenure. This dramatically increases the likelihood of long-term success and decrease the risk of ineffective organizational integration. Once this contract is put in place between the client and the candidate, Bigwin Group will extend its replacement guarantee an additional 12 months to a full two years.

Secure Hire Guarantee

The Bigwin Secure Hire Guarantee is unrivaled in the industry. We want you to be completely satisfied with the end result, but equally important is the process. If, for any reason you are not satisfied, we offer you the opportunity to take a credit for up to 66% of the value of the search to be applied against a future search we will conduct for you.

Partner-Led Search

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, our partners are just like you. We’ve held c-suite titles throughout our careers and we each have over 25 years of industry experience, meaning we’ve sat on your side of the desk and understand what keeps you awake at night.​


We're certified on not one, but three assessment tools

Most firms are certified on one set of assessment tools. They use it, or force-fit it, for every client and assignment. But clients have different needs. That’s why we're certified on not one, but three, of the most effective sets of tools, and trained to interpret the results. Whether it's assessing temperament, leadership behaviour, or risk tolerance, we're ready.

In addition, we have access to two other sets of world class tools to better understand your team dynamic. We include thoroughness in everything we do so you can rest assured your team will be the best team.



The Bigwin Group makes use of the renowned Hogan Leadership analysis tools, particularly the Hogan Development Survey (HDS). While all personality assessments will give you a broad spectrum of traits, the HDS focuses on what they call “The Dark Side”. The HDS aims to highlight the qualities of a leader that come out in times of stress and turmoil, traits that can damage reputations and derail people’s and company’s success. These factors help companies recognize the potential performance risks in new hires before they become a risk.


In addition to a variety of proprietary tools, The Bigwin Group uses a Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (administered by Management Research Group) in order to assess leadership from every angle. From organizational needs and expectations to role specific requirements, individuals, teams, and entire organizations benefit from MRG’s Leadership Effectiveness Model.


Lumina is a powerful psychometric assessment tool we utilize in our executive selection process at Bigwin Group because it allows us to view the candidate’s fit to specific business competencies that are a part of the business culture at play in client organizations. The Lumina Spark and Lumina Select delve deep into the candidates three personas to identify the behavioral strengths relative to societal trends at each level. We are all innately born and socialized into our underlying persona, and as we enter into personal and professional relationships, that persona naturally adjusts to the needs of each until it anchors and becomes how a person shows up day to day. That same persona unconsciously shifts with stress and unexpected change and can become a blocker that inhibits healthy relationships if a candidate is not aware. By examining the 24-character traits in Lumina, we can discuss those risks and opportunities to ensure that self-awareness and self-management capability are actively adapting to the leadership circumstances they find themselves in. This nuanced understanding of business cultural fit diminishes the risk of future misalignment and is enlightening to managers and the candidates themselves.