Some organizations may have to search beyond their boundaries to build the most competitive leadership teams possible. At the Bigwin Group, we are able to leverage a broad international pool of talent from within our strategic partner network, throughout 21 countries on 5 continents. This allows for access to regional databases and expertise, and the very finest search consultants on the planet.

Three secrets big firms would never want you to know:

  1. OFF LIMITS RESTRICTIONS. While global reach can be an advantage, the largest multi-location global firms are prone to suffer from two different kinds of off-limits constraints:

    • CLIENT OFF-LIMITS; that undermine their ability to surface a full slate of top quality candidates.

    • PARTNER OFF-LIMITS; for example, a 60-office global firm is often forced to compete with their own partners in the organization for talent. In fact, partners can impose an unreasonable amount of off-limits restrictions on their fellow partners for the duration of each respective assignment. The Bigwin Group, although globally aligned from an execution and database perspective, is not restricted by off limits provisions.

  2. THE 80/20 RULE IS ALIVE AND WELL. The challenge and inherent problem of the 60- or 70-office global networks is that 75-80% of those offices are often underperforming. Conversely, 20% of the offices perform extraordinarily well and represent up to 80% of total revenue. We at the Bigwin Group have avoided that pitfall by hand selecting only the highest performing strategic partner offices on five continents.

  3. LARGE INTERNATIONAL FIRMS LACK URGENCY AND THE ABILITY TO EXECUTE HIGH QUALITY ASSIGNMENTS WITH VELOCITY. The Bigwin Group boasts more than 25 years combined experience, with a passion for excellence and successful outcomes that is unrivalled. We possess the agility and flexibility to execute in an ever-changing, rapid paced global market.