Our marketing and CSR strategy in three words:

connect, listen, share



Every year, Bigwin meets thousands of people who want to be more, who want smarter and better.


How could we not take all that human power and do great things with it, to benefit us all? Like Sharpen Your Axe. Every quarter, we pull together CEOs and senior executives to publicly debate rising issues, like the roles of branding and social responsibility in talent attraction. It's a cross-pollination of people and ideas that would never happen otherwise. We've done it at home in Toronto, and as far as New Delhi and Mumbai. Another way is through our long partnership with the Loran Scholarship, which funds 30 plus full-time university educations every year. We're intrinsically aligned with its founder's philosophy, that "breadth, and openness to challenge and risk are many times more important than any quantitative measure of promise.” 

Seeding change, provoking thought, cultivating the talent that will one day re-invent all of us: you can draw a direct line between why we exist and why we're doing things like this.