Sharpen Your Axe: Corporate Social Responsibility

Our panel, corporate and not for profit were similar in their beliefs about the power and necessity of socially responsible organizations.

Hillman asserts “CSR is not new but more and more candidates are looking at the organizations social purpose record before joining them! And staying longer because of their company’s ongoing commitment to doing well by doing good!”

More than 30 Senior leaders joined the conversation about CSR and it’s relationship to attracting and retaining talent.

Jay Rosenzweig, CEO of Rosenzweig and Company and strategic partner of the Bigwin Group with Hart.

Jason Winkler of Deloitte challenges the panel.

Tova White of Coca-Cola and Mary-Alice Vuicic of Loblaw and Companies share some thoughts.

Bassem El-Rahimy (recent graduate of Queen’s University) and “millennial” enjoys words of wisdom from John Hebden of Fusion Consulting.

Laura Dunne of Indigo asks the panel about the importance of CSR to their respective companies.

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Upcoming Event on May 19, 2020

We also want each hire to be impactful and succeed in their role.​ To that end we recommend our clients utilize one of our ​ independent certified business coaches during the first year of ​ their tenure. This dramatically increases the likelihood of ​ long term success and decreases the risk of effective ​ organizational integration. Once this contract is put in place ​ between the client and the candidate Bigwin Group will extend ​ its guarantee an additional 12 months to 24 months ​ Replacement guarantee.