Interview with Simon Sinek: Leaders Eat Last

We at Bigwin Group are huge fans of Simon Sinek, his leadership philosophy and his work. Simon’s first book “Begin with Why” inspired some of Bigwin’s founding principles. In his most recent work “Leaders eat Last” he talks about transformative leadership, Hart discusses this topic in an interview with Simon on the C.A.T.A. website.

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Upcoming Event on May 19, 2020

We also want each hire to be impactful and succeed in their role.​ To that end we recommend our clients utilize one of our ​ independent certified business coaches during the first year of ​ their tenure. This dramatically increases the likelihood of ​ long term success and decreases the risk of effective ​ organizational integration. Once this contract is put in place ​ between the client and the candidate Bigwin Group will extend ​ its guarantee an additional 12 months to 24 months ​ Replacement guarantee.