CEO Roundtable: Innovation & Discovery


What was the biggest shock of your innovation journey? – Gordon Pitts, The Globe and Mail

“A good business is only as good as the people that are in it. If we want to move forward we have to change our entire behavior platform.” – John Hebden, Fusion Consulting

“The more change that happens the better you get at it.” – Peter Aceto, Tangerine Bank

“I try to figure out how to keep people motivated by continuing to find ways to help people grow and challenge them.” – Tony Lacavera, Globallive

“It involves a lot of story telling, that epic journey where you are going to change the world…people buy into that and it becomes emotional.” – Michael Serbinis, Kobo

“I like the idea of having guiding principles. I would use this set of behaviours as a competitive platform.” – Michael Serbini, Kobo

“It is challenging to get the commitment and time from the individuals who you need to make it happen.” – Jonathan Goodman, Monitor Deloitte

“It’s easy to underestimate how hard it is.” – Jonathan Goodman, Monitor Deloitte

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Jonathan Goodman, Monitor Deloitte

“Innovation is an evolution not a revolution.” – Robert Boulet, Arrow ECS Canada

“Constantly, look for the change that will bring over time and transform the company.” – Robert Boulet, Arrow ECS Canada

“The most important thing is understanding each of the stakeholders and what fundamentally motivates them.” – Andreas Antoniou, El Caballito

“You don’t buy a Ferrari to drive it 200 miles per hour, you buy it to drive it 15 miles per hour.” – Andreas Antoniou, El Caballito

“I am focused on writing down our mission statement, principles and goals and getting everyone to memorize and embody those things.” – Andreas Antoniou, El Caballito

“When you make that connection they start thinking and feeling a different way. If the axe swings too far one way you kill entrepreneurism.” – Larry O’Reilly, IMAX

“The biggest challenge is balancing.” – Larry O’Reilly, IMAX

“The older generation does not like change, whereas the newer generation is more open to different options and new products. At the end of the day it is all about the trust and the way you treat the people.” – Anna Galoni, Thordon Bearings Inc.

“Change is always different, but more do-able when there is a unified purpose everyone agrees on.” – Hart Hillman, The Bigwin Group

“As Simon Sinek says, ‘Great leaders eat last’…people will follow leaders who wear their power lightly and put their teams interest ahead of them'.” – Hart Hillman, The Bigwin Group

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