Building Better Teams


Bigwin Group Mantra

​ We Build Better Teams

The Bigwin Group was created to "re-invent" talent management through creativity and innovation. We offer a wide range of valuable and unique talent management assets to our clients and candidates and challenge the status quo. What we do is not only limited to leadership recruitment, but it also extends to the defining of roles, coaching, strategy, onboarding and retention strategies.


At the Bigwin Group, we know that great businesses are not built alone

The Bigwin Group partners have held C-suite positions and understand the kind of talent required for an organization to be successful.

The Bigwin Group Advisory Council is a diverse group of accomplished business leaders who act as a “brain trust” for the Bigwin Group.

We have established a global affiliate network of 21 partner offices on five continents.

What is Bigwin Group’s Distinctive value?


Bigwin Group assesses talent using as many as three sets of world-class diagnostic tools. The goal is not only to ensure the best candidate fit, but equally, to prevent a costly “mis-hire”.


We believe so fiercely in our work, that we guarantee it. If at the end of the search, we have not met or surpassed all of our commitments to you, we will credit back up to 66% of our fee. (Conditions apply)

Extended Two-Year Warranty

Most firms will guarantee candidate placement for six to 12 months. Bigwin Group offers an unrivaled two-year placement guarantee. (Conditions apply)

Talent Scouting​

Talent Scouting is an initiative that Bigwin Group performs to give you a deep insight into the potential candidate pool for any given role.​


In 2014, we launched “Sharpen Your Axe” series as a place to explore “hot topics” and a forum to host and stimulate important conversations in the business community.

Senior Partner Focus​

Senior partners lead all aspects of the search process right from spec out to onboarding of the successful candidate.



NOV 2, 2019

Sharpen Your Axe: NYC Edition

Last week we hosted and moderated a "Sharpen Your AxeTM" leadership panel in New York City at Soho House...

MAY 6, 2019

A good business is only as good as the people that are in it. If we want to move forward, we have to change our entire behaviour platform...

JUL 2, 2019

Many have asked about the Bigwin Group t-shirt with the "I'm not Sven" emblazoned on the front..well, this is its' genesis...

Upcoming Event on July 2, 2020

At the Bigwin Group, we love this parable. It reminds us that the best way to get results is not always to “work harder or more”.