Bigwin Inc.

The fundamentals


The Bigwin Group was founded to challenge the status quo in Talent Strategy.

We adhere to three fundamental philosophies that underpin everything we do:


Our purpose


‘Purpose’ refers to the ‘why’ of the organization as opposed to the ‘what’ we do. Best-in-class organizations always start with a strong purpose, from which everything else flows.

The Bigwin Group’s purpose is to use innovation and extraordinary creativity to positively impact businesses and people.


Our principles


‘Principles’ speak to the ‘how’ we do things. The ‘how’ for the Bigwin Group is based on seven guiding principles:

  1. Always challenge the status quo for ourselves and our clients. One size does not fit all and each situation demands original thought and creativity.
  2. Identify, hand select, and deliver only the very best tools to help manage talent. We identify the right offering for our clients.
  3. Help the talent strategy cycle wherever it makes sense. What we do is not limited to leadership recruitment, but extends to coaching, strategy, onboarding, retention, and more.
  4. Prevent the costly mis-hire. While making a great hire is a ‘big win’, equally and sometimes even more important is avoiding hiring the wrong candidate. Fit, measured a number of ways, is critical.
  5. Stand behind our work… In fact, we guarantee it. No other retained search firm will completely back up their work with a 100% credit back guarantee.*
  6. Partner with only the highest integrity, like-minded individuals and organizations.
  7. Social consciousness and responsibility – 3% of company profit is used to develop young leaders through scholarship funds.

Our promise


Finally, our ‘Promise’. The promise is the natural result of defining the ‘purpose’ and the ‘how’ first. What the Bigwin Group does is help organizations build and develop. We do that by identifying, assessing, and recruiting world-class talent, ensuring they fit the culture and team of our clients’ organizations and individuals. We work to avoid ‘organ rejection’. We develop retention strategies that align with internal and external brand promises.

We develop retention strategies that align
with internal and external brand promises.

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