Our Purpose

Best-in-class organizations always start with a strong purpose – the Bigwin Group’s purpose is to use innovation and extraordinary creativity to positively impact businesses.


Our Principles

‘Principles’ speak to the ‘how’ we do things. The ‘how’ for the Bigwin Group is based on seven guiding principles.


Our Promise

The promise is the natural result of defining the ‘purpose’ and the ‘how’ first. What the Bigwin Group does is help organizations build and develop. 

we are here to create distinctive
value that will help our clients
achieve their business objectives.


What is Bigwin?

The Bigwin Group was created to “re-invent” Talent Management through creativity and innovation. We offer a wide range of valuable talent management assets to our clients and candidates, and challenge the status quo. What we do is not only limited to leadership recruitment, but it also extends to the defining of roles, coaching, strategy, onboarding, and retention strategies.

To ensure the best fit, we at the Bigwin Group have hand-selected three of the most robust and effective assessment tools on the market, and apply them in a unique way based on individual client needs. What also sets us apart is our strong belief in social entrepreneurship. Three percent of our company profit is used to develop young leaders through scholarship funding.

“In the end, it all comes down to fit…

get that right and you prevent

the costly mis-hires!”


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